kintsugi handbook

Stefan Drescher
1st edition 2023
Hardcover edition
Illustrations: 38 color, 1 graphic (bw), 7 tables
Format: 218 mm x 153 mm
Korest Restoration Requirement 
Language: German / English
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The bilingual KINTSUGI Handbook, by Stefan Drescher, is the author's first comprehensive handbook edition on the subject of KINTSUGI after his publication of “KINTSUGI Technique” in 2011. The German and English texts are divided by a common picture section, and each contains a basic and a practical section.
The Japanese lacquer URUSHI, its processing, and the special conditions under which the natural lacquer cures are presented. In addition, all the necessary auxiliary materials required for the production of adhesives, priming, and supplementary compounds based on URUSHI are described. Many qualities of Japanese powder gold are discussed in detail.
Within the description of the equipment and tools for KINTSUGI, the URUSHI BURO moisture or drying cabinet occupies a prominent place. Detailed instructions are given on how to build your own.
A detailed glossary helps in understanding the Japanese terms.

The practical part of the book describes in detail the six steps for the making of KINTSUGI objects, including all recipes:
1. preparation of fragments: treatment of glaze cracks, fracture surfaces, and edges.
2. selection and preparation of glue mixtures, as well as their processing and finishing of glued seams after drying. The bonding of cracks is also considered
3. Supplementation of small defects with filling masses, as well as the replacement of missing shards with a wooden core or shards of other ceramics (YOBIZUGI) are important aspects
4. preparation of glued seams and supplemented areas with intermediate lacquer - NAKANURI.
5. application of undercoat and MAKI-E powder, and drying and polishing of the areas sprinkled with gold.
6. elimination of errors in the gold areas.

The manual provides sound KINTSUGI knowledge.