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kintsugi Technik | kintsugi Technique

kintsugi Technik | kintsugi Technique

The Book

Stefan Drescher
kintsugi Technik | kintsugi Technique
2nd revised and expanded edition
- March 2014
Hardcover: 176 pages
Illustrations: 41 color, 1 graphic (bk), 3 tables
Format: 218 mm x 153 mm
Weight: 500g
Published by: Korest Restaurierungsbedarf
Languages: German and English
ISBN 978-3-00-045016-7
PREIS: Euro 37,45 (einschl. 7% MwSt)
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From the content

  • KINTSUGI - Gold Connection - historical background to a more than 500 years of applied repair technique with special significance for the Japanese tea tradition

  • URUSHI - Japanes Lacquer - extraction, processing and special features when processing with other natural materials

  • Traditional tools for processing URUSHI

  • Practical description of the bonding technique and gold application procedure at KINTSUGI

  • All formulations for adhesive and supplementary masses for the repair of ceramics with special attention to porcelain and stoneware

  • Download: Complete table of contents

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